Ages 8+

I'm very excited that my new YA novel Virginia is now in print and is getting some great reviews. Here's a recommendation from Athena's YA Book Review blog:

I truly enjoyed reading this book for its unique perspective on angels, love, cult violence, faith, doubt, life, death...and all this through the alternating lens of two teen girls.

I took hold of her hands, their bones tiny and birdlike, squeezed them gently. I felt like shaking them, shaking her into the panic I was feeling. "Virginia, I don't understand."

Fourteen-year-old Ivy is flabbergasted when her childhood friend Virginia claims that she has been visited by an angel who has asked her to bear the child of God. As Ivy struggles to understand and help her friend, she uncovers more secrets, including an apocalyptic plot being devised by Virginia's weird brother, Paul. Ivy suspects Paul's activities must connect in some way to Virginia's claim but she's uncertain how. Soon Ivy finds herself caught up in a chain of events she has no control over.

Kids Can Press Canada - Virginia