Freelance magazine articles and other writing

"Like, right? Irked by the way your teen speaks? She may be at the forefront of the linguistic curve" (Canadian Family, May 2013, p. 30).

"The Whole Truth" (More, April 2012).

"Turning Point: Margaret Grottenhaler" (Homemakers, September 2011).

"How to plan a summer vacation in 8 weeks" (Today's Parent, June 2011).

"Smarty-pants? How to determine if your child is gifted " (Canadian Family, September 2010, p 32).

"Should my son get the HPV vaccine?" (More, September 2010, pp 125-127).

"Second Acts: Cathy Emmerson" (More, Summer 2010, pp 58-60).

"Are the lyrics to your kids' favourite songs too raunchy for words?" (Parents Canada, March 2010).

"Speech Development" (Parents Canada, Winter 2009).

"Boys Meet High School" (Canadian Living, Oct 2009).

"How Not to be a Teen Player" (Canadian Living, Sept 2009, p 18).

"Caught in the middle or Help your child stand up to bullying" (Canadian Family, Sept 2009, p 42).

"Spilling the Beans or How to help them draw the line between tattling and telling" (Canadian Family, March 2009, p 38).

"Canada's Greenest Communities" (Canadian Living, April 2008, pp 184-197).

"Sylvia Ruegger: A Woman to Know" (Canadian Living, Nov 2008, p 22).

"Ready or Not" (Canadian Living, October 06, pp 290-297).

"See Girls Read. See Boys Read or Easy ways to get your kids into the habit of reading for fun" (Canadian Living, Feb 06, pp 164-168).

"Tumbleweed the Magnificent" (Canadian Living, July 03, pp 101-102).

Also articles for Chatelaine, Teach, and The Toronto Star.