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I'm very happy to be the judge in the 2014 CNIB Library Braille Creative Writing Contest. Kids across Canada, from ages 5 to 18, have sent in poems, stories, and essays wrtten in Braille. Their submissions receive a mark for Braille accuracy. Then the submissions are transcribed so I can read them, and I provide a mark for creativity. The combine marks determine the 3 winners in each of the 4 categories. I'm thrilled to be a judge in this writing contest!

The next book in my series, THE PUPPY COLLECTION, is now available. In Book 3, MURPHY HELPS OUT, Aunt Jenn asks Kat, Maya, and Grace for help at Tails Up! They agree to help look aftermeet Murphy, a shy Shetland sheepdog. But when they find a lost cocker spaniel named Tawny, the girls disagree on what to do next. Will Tawny find her way back home? Can the three girls sort out a way to stay friends? Perhaps Murphy can help them figure it all out. In Book 4, BIJOU NEEDS A HOME, the girls try to help find owners for three abandoned bichon frise puppies. But will anyone see the sweet, playful side of the shy one, Bijou, and offer him a home?

The Puppy Collection

Guess what? I have three -- count' em, three -- children's books coming out in October! The first two books in my new series, THE PUPPY COLLECTION, are #1 BAILEY'S VISIT and #2 RILEY KNOWS BEST (Scholastic, ages 7+). Kat and her best friend Maya are totally dog-crazy. They can't have dogs of their own, but that doesn't mean they don't dream about their favourite puppies. But then Kat's aunt opens a dog-grooming salon. Will the girls be able to convince Aunt Jenn to let them help out with the puppies who come to board?

Four Seasons of Patrick

My third book is FOUR SEASONS OF PATRICK (Red Deer, ages 7+). It's winter, and Patrick is beginning to feel crowded out of his own family. His father is going to remarry. Linda and her daughter Claire, 7, will be moving in at the summer's end. Patrick comes up with a big idea -- he'll build a tree house where he can stretch out his arms and breathe -- but wait. Will his father allow it? Where will he find the perfect tree? Who will give him a hand with the construction? And, most importantly, will his tree house really be the hideaway he hopes for, especially from the irritating Claire? As autumn arrives, Patrick discovers some surprising answers to these questions and learns a little about the meaning of family.

I had a wonderful time visiting Halifax this May, sharing OFF TO CLASS (Owl Kids, 2011) with elementary students in several schools and attending the wonderful Hackmatack award presentation. Here's a link to the complete ceremony.

As well, I am thrilled that THE ISLAND HORSE (Kids Can, 2012) has been nominated for next year's Hackmatack!

I'm pleased to be one of the four Toronto District School Board's Writers-in-Residence for 2012-2013. I'm enjoying doing presentations in elementary schools around the city and getting a chance to read some terrific student writing! Thanks for the opportunity, TDSB!

This fall, five avid young books readers were chosen to be on the CBC Radio Halifax book panel. They met three times to chat on air about my book OFF TO CLASS, which was nominated for the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award. I was pleased to be interviewed by the children's book panel at Word on the Street on a sunny Halifax afternoon. Have a listen to some of our taped conversation on the CBC website.

The Island Horse

I am so pleased to share the news that my latest children's book, THE ISLAND HORSE (Kids Can, 2012, ages 9+), is now available! Set in the early 1800s, it tells the story of Ellie, a young girl who moves with her father to remote, tiny Sable Island, in the Atlantic Ocean. Ellie loves horses and she knows wild horses live on this island, but even knowing this does not help Ellie feel any better about leaving her Nova Scotian home. Then one afternoon, Ellie encounters a wild stallion grazing on the dunes. Slowly, her life begins to change.

Don't you think the book cover is gorgeous? This spectacular "island horse" is painted by Alicia Quist. She has also done the lovely pencil sketches which appear throughout the book. Oh, and slip off the book's dust-jacket and you're in for another visual treat!

Find out more at Kids Can.

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If you're a teacher and you're looking for some of the books I've written for Scholastic Education's Literacy Place for the Early Years (K-3) and Moving Up with Literacy Place (4-6) programs, please go to their website here.

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