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Suffrage: Canadian Women and the Vote

I was commissioned to write the text for this ten-chapter digital graphic novel (illus by Meags  Fitzgerald) for secondary school students. It examines the history of suffrage in Canada and links to secondary school curriculum content. I also wrote the lessons plans that accompany the digital resource project. 

Teach Magazine, 2017 -

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Celebrate Canada: Student Editions (2018): Visiting Ottawa, Welcome to Ha Ha Bay, and Yum!  

I was commissioned to write these three full-colour 16-page non-fiction books.  (No cover photo of Ottawa yet available.) 

Pearson Canada, 2018

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L'il Woodzeez storybooks (to accompany products) 

I have been commissioned to write many fun little 24-page stories to accompany the delightful L'il Woodzeez Woofwinkle toys, including L'il Luvs and Hugs Nursery, and Honeysuckle Sweets and Treats. 

Battat, 2016-2018


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BC Science Connection grade 8 and 9, McGraw-Hill Education, 2016

Wrote 300-600 page features on science topics, including: 

At Issue: How can small floating cards help in the study of oil spills?                                                                                  

At Issue: How does B.C. snowmaking compare with other parts of the world?

At Issue: Should we use flame-retardant substances?

Make a Difference: Should perfume be banned in public spaces?


BUSES, CARS, AND TRUCKS Hughes Scholastic (literacy) 002.jpg

Literacy Place, Scholastic Education, K to grade 3

Wrote many little books for K to grade 3 children, including fiction and nonfiction, including:

The Ten Best Things about Canada (According to Me)
Discover Mongolia
Buses, Cars, and Trucks
True or False? Finding Out about Newfoundland Dogs


Moving Up with Literacy Place, Scholastic Education, grades 4 to 6

Wrote many little books for grade 4 to 6 students, including fiction and nonfiction, including:

Smart Spy Catalogue


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Callie's Scrapbook, Nelson Canada, 2005

I was commissioned to write this 24-page story which incorporated grade 2 math curriculum content.

Sample pages, Nelson, 2005