Editorial Services

I provide a wide variety of editorial services to individual clients, trade publishers, and educational publishers (K to 12), including developmental and structural editing, line-editing, writing, rewriting, and researching.

Editorial subject areas include history, language arts, Aboriginal studies, science, and social studies. (See recent projects below.)

Commissioned writing projects include levelled writing and content targeting specific curriculum goals. Also refer to Manuscript Critiques, Editing, and Story Coaching tab. (Samples available upon request.)

Editorial and Writing Clients

Pearson Education, Nelson Education, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Scholastic Canada, Words and Numbers, Gallopade, Red Rocket Readers, Colleges Ontario, Teach, Reading Plus, Ontario Science Centre, and First Folio.

Recent/representative Editing Projects

DE on 6 chapters, and writer on 2 chapters, on grade 10 native studies SB (for Ont), Aboriginal Peoples in Canada. Pearson Canada. 2010-11.

Writer of 2 Case Studies for Biology 11. McGraw-Hill Ryerson (2010).

DE on several chapters of grade 11 Canadian history SB (for Manitoba). Shaping Canada. McGraw-Hill Ryerson. 2009-2010.

DE on grade 10 online learning centre quizzes. Science Links 10. McGraw-Hill Ryerson. 2009.

Writer of "small" books, including The Ten Best Things about Canada (Gr 3), Masks, Everyday Art, and Smart Spy Catalogue (gr 5). Scholastic Canada: Literacy Place. K to 6. (2003-9)

Writer of many articles for Scholastic Canada Literacy Place, gr 7 and 8. (2008-9)

Writer of SB and TG lessons for K, gr 2, and gr 4 social studies programs: pan-US, and also chapters for Oregon and California. (K, Grs 2, 4). Houghton Mifflin, Boston. 2003-2005.

Editor and evaluator of many non-fiction books (K-3) in Scholastic Canada's Early Literacy program. 2003-2005.

Writer of "small" books, including When Beep-Beep Came to Earth and Soil on the Move (2002); Composting - Worms Tell All (2003) by Susan Hughes. Nelson Language Arts: InfoRead books. (Gr 3) 24 pgs each.

Writer of projects for state project-based workbooks; also several units of gr 7 and 8 digital student books (social studies), Georgia Experience. Gallopade, 2015 and 2016.

DE on grade 8 geography student book, Nelson Geo8, 2015. DE on grade 7 students book, Nelson Geo7, and TR. Nelson Canada, 2014.

DE on gr 10 History text (intro). Nelson Canada, 2013.

Writer of test preparation instruction, passages, and items to meet Common Core State Standards for Reading and Language Arts, Gr 3-8. Jump Start Press, 2013.

Writer of teacher's guide lessons for NL grade 4 science submission. McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2013.

PM/DE on ancillaries (activity cards, posters, and website content) for gr 4 and gr 1 Catholic social studies program, Many Gifts. Pearson Canada, 2012-2013.

DE on PD history resource for secondary school teachers. The Big 6 Historical Thinking Concepts by Seixas and Morton, Nelson, 2012.

Writer of extension lesson plans for National Capital Commission website, Canada's Got Treasures! for TEACH. 2011.