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The Puppy Collection

Nutmeg All Alone

Ages 7+

The girls help Aunt Jenn care for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy named Nutmeg. They come to play with the puppy, but she always seems so sad. When Nutmeg stops eating altogether, the girls become worried. Aunt Jenn tries to call Nutmeg’s owner but she is out of town. Eventually, they notice that Nutmeg seems to perk up when she sees Marmalade, an elderly cat who is at Tails Up. They suspect that Nutmeg has a cat pal back home whom she is missing. Nutmeg needs to start eating. Can Marmalade help? Or is there another solution?

What the Readers Say

"The story focuses around Kat and her friends, Maya and Grace, and how they use their problem solving skills to solve the mystery of Nutmeg's sadness. The story also involves a few of their classmates, and it nice to see how the group comes together to support one another. The story illustrates that you are never alone when you have a problem. Your friends want to help. Sometimes problems just need a fresh perspective to help one realize the solution. ...

This is ideal for children that have started to read chapter books as the story contains language that is comfortable yet also introduces new words." 

-CM Magazine, November 26, 2016