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The Puppy Collection

Murphy Helps Out

Ages 7+

Kat, Maya and Grace meet Murphy, a shy little Shetland sheepdog. Then they find a lost cocker spaniel named Tawny, and the girls disagree on what to do. Will Tawny find her way back home? And can the girls figure out a way to all be friends? Maybe Murphy can help them sort it all out.

Scholastic - Murphy Helps Out
ISBN 978-1-4431-2411-9

What the Readers Say

"The simple story will engage young readers who dream of owning a puppy of their very own, and it gently introduces themes of jealousy, compassion, responsibility, and rivalry. ...Written in a simple, accessible style and illustrated with plenty of cute puppy pictures, Murphy Helps Out is certain to appeal to animal-crazy young readers."
-CM Magazine, June 13, 2014