Just released - 2016!

Just released - 2016!

2005 edition

2005 edition

Making Canada Home: How Immigrants Shaped This Country

Ages 8+

People from every single country in the world call Canada home. From the very first arrivals as long as 30,000 years ago—the ancestors of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples—right up until today, people have settled in this country to build a better life.

Making Canada Home chronicles the country’s major waves of immigration, from welcoming early European arrivals to becoming a modern-day safe haven for refugees. The book also acknowledges times when Canada has not been especially welcoming. It explores how each period of immigration has shaped the laws, values, and face of Canada on the way to today’s multicultural society.

This book is a rich and thorough source of informational text, packed with primary sources including compelling personal accounts, historic documents, memorabilia, and archival photographs, as well as maps, sidebars, a timeline, and a glossary. Publishing in anticipation of Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017, Making Canada Home will be a valuable resource to help young Canadians understand their country’s history and identity, and feel proud to call Canada home.

Making Canada Home – Owl Kids, November 2016

What the Readers Say about Making Canada Home

"Hughes has produced an impressively comprehensive and forward-looking text that will be a welcome addition to classrooms and libraries across Canada. The stories told here are by turns inspiring and troubling, but always deeply human, and should spark animated conversations and deeper explorations of the vast range of experiences that enrich the country we all call home."                                                                                                           - Quill & Quire

"Just in time for the 150th anniversary of Canada, Hughes traces the history and impact of immigration in the country. The book’s organization, design, and photography are clear and accessible, with insets and sidebars adding variety to the content, making this a valuable addition to classrooms and libraries... An astute educator or parent can use this book to start important conversations about Canada's history and its people."                                          - - Kirkus

Awards & Nominations

  • Shortlisted for B.C. Red Cedar Information award, 2017-2018
  • Named a Best Book for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre 

What the Readers Say about Coming to Canada

"Another in the lively, information-packed WOW Canada series, this capacious book begins by addressing who the first immigrants to Canada were....Aided by archival photographs...Hughes charts the cavalcade of immigrants to Canada, from Samuel de Champlain's colony at Quebec to the many Somalis who have recently found a haven from civil war and starvation in Canada."
- Globe & Mail

"It's both sophisticated and accessible, well suited to ages 9 to 14. The combination of factual detail and personal narratives makes for a compelling text supported by beautifully reproduced photos, posters, and maps. The antithesis of a dry history book, Coming to Canada makes for interesting and informative pleasure as well as educational reading."
- Quill & Quire

STARRED REVIEW. "Another fabulous offering in this series. The child-friendly approach of this comprehensive and informative book at how and why people went to Canada makes this nation's immigration history come alive. ...The lively text is well supported by an abundance of color and black-and-white photographs. This appealing book stands above others in its genre and is a must-buy for all Canadian libraries."
- School Library Journal

"...richly illustrated. ...Coming to Canada does a commendable job of presenting the patchwork quilt of immigration that built and sustains the country..."
- Book Loons Reviews

"The book is lavishly illustrated with well captioned historical photographs and documents...This is a wonderful book for introducing the multicultural nature of Canada to elementary and junior high age children."
- Resource Links

"... spirited text and stunning visuals."
- Canadian Teacher Magazine

"Coming to Canada is an honest look at the immigration history of Canada - the good with the ugly, resulting in the multi-ethnic patchwork nation we have today."
- Canadian Children's Book News

"This book is thorough and fascinating and will undoubtedly educate not just the kids in the family, but adults who snoozed through a few too many Canadian history classes."
- Today's Parent

"An interesting and informative glimpse into Canada's multicultural makeup."
- Voya

"This is a richly detailed and valuable book, which should certainly be in every school library, celebrating the courage and the skills that children's parents, grandparents, back through several generations, brought to enrich the country."
- Okanagan College

"A sophisticated book that covers a highly important issue... Hughes' writing is excellent and the accompanying photos and illustrations beautifully complement the text... Wow!"
- Norma Fleck Award Jury

"This lavishly illustrated book offers stirring accounts of human immigration..."
- Our Choice

Reviews for previous 2005 edition, formerly named Coming to Canada