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The Puppy Collection

Houdini's Escape

Ages 7+

When a beagle named Houdini comes to board at Tails Up, he turns out to be a master escape artist. Kat, Maya and Grace foil two of his escape attempts, but it’s not long before Houdini manages to sneak away from under their noses. Will the girls be able to find the missing puppy?

Scholastic - Houdini's Escape
ISBN 9781443146500

What the Readers Say

"Houdini’s Escape will be well-received by dog lovers. Susan Hughes delivers a charming story about friendships and mischief-making puppies. She weaves in some interesting facts about dogs (brachycephalic) and some training tips (house training, and command teaching), but she does not overdo this aspect of the book. She even includes facts about the magician Houdini through some of the characters’ dialogue. The illustrations by Leanne Franson are excellent and enhance the reader’s experience with Houdini and the girls. The target audience of kids who adore puppies will find this book interesting and fun."

-CM Magazine, June 10, 2016

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