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The Puppy Collection

Bijou Needs a Home

Ages 7+

When someone leaves a box of three Bichon Frise puppies outside Tails Up, Aunt Jenn asks Kat, Maya, and Grace to look after them and find them new homes. Best of all, they get to choose names for the pups! They pick three French names: Aimée, Chantal, and Bijou.

Calls begin to come in from people interested in adopting Bichon Frise puppies, and the girls meet some of the prospective owners after school. Aimée and Chantal are soon placed in loving homes. But what about shy little Bijou? Will they be able to find a home for him?

Scholastic - Bijou Needs a Home
ISBN 978-1-4431-3358-6

What the Readers Say

"I love that in Bijou Needs a Home students learn the importance of proper care of animals. As well, the author manages to touch on a conflict between Grace and Megan. She demonstrates to readers that it is not always best to judge people because they are sometimes mean, but to also acknowledge that a person deserves a chance to show her/his good side. Bijou Needs a Home is a great chapter book, particularly for students that love stories about animals."
-CM Magazine, May 6, 2016