Testimonials: Writing commissioned articles, stories, books, lesson plans 


"Susan is in Canada and I’m in Australia however working across an ocean and a continent is not a challenge. No, it’s not because the internet makes it possible, it’s because Susan is a talented writer, a diligent and thorough researcher and incredibly efficient.  She has written about contemporary space exploration, a renowned civil rights worker, the first man on the moon, the delights of Canadian food, travelling across Canada and flying to many African countries for the publishing company, Denise Ryan & Associates.  The books are all for young readers, and what a delight they are!”

Denise Ryan, Denise Ryan & Associates, Victoria, Australia, 2018

“I have worked with Susan on a number of educational projects, dating back about 15 years, that required a high level of writing and research skills. Susan always met our expectations each time. She is highly organized and meets her timelines diligently. Susan is a writer of imagination and has covered a wide range of topics for an equally wide range of audiences. She boasts an impressive array of writing credits. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Susan for any type of editorial project that comes along." 

- Wili Liberman, owner of TEACH magazine, 2018