Welcome to the Susan Hughes Blog

I'm fortunate to be a columnist for Open Book*, and eight times a year, I write a blog called Kid Lit Can. I usually feature interviews with well-known or soon-to-be known children's creators, including authors and illustrators, book editors and publishers, book sellers, teachers, and librarians from all across Canada.

The best thing for me? I can ask any questions I want to these amazing experts. And I do.

  • "Why isn't much poetry being published for children?"
  • "What tips do you have for aspiring picture book authors?"
  • "Do you ever feel you need to “hold back” in your novels in terms of content or language? How far can you go?" 
  • "What kind of children's manuscripts are you looking for at this time?"

What I get in return? Answers of all shapes and sizes: straightforward, funny, personal, useful, wacky, insightful ... 

I encourage you dip into the fabulous new Open Book website and check out my previous blogs  --  http://open-book.ca/content/search?SearchText=susan+hughes

The one post below originally appeared on the Open Book website. Oh, and eventually, I hope to post more of them here! 

*Open Book "celebrates and profiles Ontario's non-stop literary scene, with a special focus on the books and events produced by Ontario's independent, Canadian-owned publishers." Sounds great, right?